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Our Specialized Services
  1. Core Services
    These are our main services.
    We specialize in these core areas; - Identifying priority export markets and researching export markets for you - Planning and supporting your foreign market entry initiative - Adapting your product or service to the demands and requirements of foreign market - Finding, screening and selecting foreign buyers, suppliers or distributors - Sourcing, planning, setting up and enhancing your supply chain import operations - Planning, setting up and enhancing your export operations - Outsourcing your export and import operations - Pricing products for export and understanding import quotations - Freight forwarding (logistics), cargo insurance and customs clearance - Drafting or revising your international trade contractChoosing optimal trade financing and guarantee instruments - Choosing and interpretation of favorable IncotermsĀ® 2010 terms for your case - Mentoring, training and coaching on various aspects of international business and trade - Tailored solutions for import and export development